Wait a second…do you see what I see?

Is that a dog? A cat? A bird? A plane?

I guess you never can tell when it comes to “accidental camouflage”, and these photos are a lot of fun.

Not only will they make you laugh, but you’ll have to use your brain a little bit to find stuff…if you’re into the whole “using your brain” thing.

Take a look at these pics and enjoy!

1. This one took me a minute.

But now I see it!

Was told I should post this here… picked up this little guy and this is where he chose to lay.
byu/_Geiger inAccidentalCamouflage

2. Are you sure that’s your dad?

I still don’t really believe you…

The way this dad’s shirt lines up with the painting
byu/vytal2life inAccidentalCamouflage

3. This cat is pretty much a ninja.

Blending right in with her surroundings.

My friend found an invisible cat in Greece
byu/dickfacecat inAccidentalCamouflage

4. Following you like a shadow.

Wait, that’s now a shadow?

The shadow…
byu/idiooooot inAccidentalCamouflage

5. Gotta be careful with this one.

Make sure not to step on him!

Don’t step on him.
byu/NooaJ inAccidentalCamouflage

6. Hey, you guys are color coordinated!

Don’t you just love it when this happens?

Found on mildy interesting
byu/Physical_Property inAccidentalCamouflage

7. I don’t see it anywhere…

And I think I might be losing my mind trying to find it.

There’s a cell phone in this photo..
byu/KeoniNoGo inAccidentalCamouflage

8. Blending in perfectly.

Yes! This is what I’m talking about! Flawless!

It’s perfect.
byu/paprino27 inAccidentalCamouflage

9. It reminds me of the photo in Back to the Future.

When Marty McFly’s family starts to disappear.

Only a top
byu/MrPotato341181 inAccidentalCamouflage

10. I thought the chair was broken, too…

Wait, what the hell is going on around here?!?!

broken chair
byu/aham_athul inAccidentalCamouflage

11. This is pretty amazing.

This man is a legend!

byu/Minko_1027 inAccidentalCamouflage

12. I see you in there!

He’s just taking care of business.

Doggo, defender of chicks
byu/sulestrange inAnimalsBeingBros

Have you ever captured any good examples of “accidental camouflage”?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!