Call me crazy, but I don’t understand how anyone would want to have this kind of information about themselves out there for the public to see…

I’m talking about admitting to the world that you ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED YOUR COUSIN.

But we live in wild times, my friends!

And a woman named Marcella Hill took to TikTok to share with her 634,000 followers that she is married to her cousin and that they had no idea they were related until she was pregnant and they were looking at baby names…so they decided to do some research.

And Hill and her husband discovered that they are third cousins.

Check out her video where she explains what happened.

@beingmarcellahill Funny story… I accidentally married my cousin. We had no idea our Grandma and Grandpa were 1st cousins. Oops. #funnystory #marcellahill #wakeherup #marriage #marriedlife #awakening #momsoftiktok #grandmasoftiktok ♬ original sound – Marcella Hill

And you better believe that people on TikTok had some thoughts.

One person said,

“Things you shouldn’t tell anyone 😂.”

Another TikTokker added,

“If they still required blood tests before you got married you might have found out beforehand 😳.”

Yet another viewer commented,

“Couldn’t have t**tured this out of me 😳.”

But some folks had the opposite reaction.

One person said,

“Totally fine. You realize that, for most of human history, people lived in small close-knit communities and spouses were often distantly related.”

And another added,

“My baby daddy hooked up with his sister, got her pregnant and now they’re engaged … I don’t think it’s an accident on their end 😂.”

One viewer commented,

“Don’t feel bad darling. My husband’s grandfather and my great grandmother were siblings. Yes, I knew going into the relationship.”

Hill replied to the comment about the blood test and the wedding to set the record straight.

@beingmarcellahill Replying to @mrsmoore321 What wedding? We got married at a courthouse. #marriedlife #marcellahill #wakeherup #breaktherules #dolifedifferent #doityourway ♬ original sound – Marcella Hill

Like I said, we live in wild times…

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