Michelle Liu is a serious traveler who knows what her 58,000 Instagram followers want to see: her “chinfies.”

What on Earth am I talking about? Liu takes selfies in a very hilarious, unphotogenic style, and her followers LOVE IT. And she snaps these funny pics all around the globe.

Let’s take a look at some of Liu’s best shots.

1. A chin in Maine.

2. Into the great wide open.

3. The sky’s the limit.

4. At the hockey game.

5. She’s really going all in.

6. At Potato Chip Rock.

7. Is it hard to drink like that?

8. The scenery is nice, I’ll give her that.

9. Don’t fall in the water.

10. On top of the world.

11. Wow, what a pic.

12. Question: does your neck hurt yet?

13. Chinning it up in paradise.

14. The wonders of the world.

15. Full House in the…house.

See, not all selfies have to be beautiful and flattering.

Show us some of your decidedly UNflattering selfies in the comments! Let’s get weird!