School is back in full swing. And you know what that means: misbehaving kids, stressed-out teachers, and fun all around for everyone!

And the teachers are filling us in on Twitter about what’s going on the still-young school semester.

It’s gonna be a long year, hold on tight!

1. These kids are in trouble.

2. “Appropriate pettiness” is good.

3. Never get a break.

4. I think that’s very accurate.

5. Classics never die.

6. No middle ground. At all.

7. No weekends for the foreseeable future.

8. Just go ahead and do it.

9. Glad that wasn’t blood.

10. Please don’t judge me.

11. Like a vampire.

12. Sorry about that…

13. America’s future looks bright.

14. Drama queens and kings.

15. “Show mercy on me.”

All kidding aside, let’s give a big shout out and a round of applause to all of our teachers out there. They work hard and put up with a lot!

Kids, take it easy on your teachers this year, okay?