Alex Cearns is an animal photographer in Perth, Australia who really knows how to capture the essence of dogs, cats, and all kinds of other animals out there.

Her work is really wonderful!

Cearns also has a great photo book of portraits of animals with disabilities that you can order HERE.

Let’s take a look at some of her photos and be sure to follow her on Instagram!

1. In love with the camera.

Well, hello there, friend!

2. We have a serious one here.

But definitely a good-looking dog.

3. Look at these two!

Jazzy and Teddy look like they want to get into some trouble.

4. An unlikely pair of friends.

As you know, sometimes, opposites attract.

5. Getting all up in Chester’s grill.

He also has one of the best dog names OF ALL TIME.

6. A very happy pooch!

Get to know Banjo!

7. They’re trying to make it work…

Maybe they’re reluctant buddies…

8. Ralph looks like he wants to tell us something.

You were saying, buddy?

9. That’s a great shot.

Sir Lancelot looks like a curious kitty.

10. Say hello to Brooklyn!

Judging by the size of those paws, this is gonna be a BIG dog.

11. Look at that face!

We’re in Australia, so let’s see one of these guys!

12. They are adorable.

Little and Big. Pretty cute, huh?

Her work is really excellent, don’t you think?

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We can’t wait to meet them!