Okay, here’s the deal with these posters: a creative director named Lance Ford took the time to make awesome posters based on if brands were turned into movies.

I gotta say two things about this guy’s work. One, it is awesome and totally creative. And two…I kind of actually want to see some of these movies.

The Rock as Mr. Clean? Come on!

Let’s take a look at these cool works of art from Lance Ford.

1. The Mr. Clean epic.

This movie just writes itself.


2. This is perfect.

I can visualize it now…


3. It’s a Guy Ritchie film…

…So you know it’s gonna be violent and crazy.


4. This guy definitely needs a movie.

The Pringles guy playing in the game of his life.


5. The Brawny film.

I’ve always wanted to see a movie about paper towels.


6. Look at that cast!

This is gonna be INTENSE, my friends.


7. The role Leo was born to play…

You always knew this guy had a backstory.


8. Of course, this is a National Lampoon’s movie.

The poster says it all.


9. This guy has a shady past.

A man with a checkered past…


10. This is wonderful.

Ryan Reynolds would probably do it, too.


11. A good film to eat popcorn to…

Let’s see what you got, Orville!


12. A great fast food tale.

The story behind the name.


13. This one will be dark.

He’ll keep going and going and going…


Are those great, or what?

I can think of A TON of other posters I’d like to see him make!

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us what brands you’d like to see Lance Ford turn into posters…heck, maybe someday these movies will actually become a reality!!