I used to have a Golden Retriever and she was one of the greatest dogs of all time. Sometimes I hear people make comments about that breed of dog such as, “Oh God, that’s such a typical suburban, Soccer-Mom dog.”

And you know what’s better than one Golden Retriever? TWO GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!

I’d like to introduce you to Lizzie and Ally, two BFF Goldens who live in Canada. Their owners adopted Lizzie first and then decided she needed a buddy so Ally was added to the family the following year. And these two pooches are inseparable.

Enjoy these great photos of these two beautiful dogs.

1. Two peas in a pod.

Look at those faces!


2. Looking for some action.

What do you see out there, guys?


3. All snuggled up.

That sure does look cozy.


4. Through the looking glass.

It’s pretty obvious they don’t like being separated for too long.


5. Flashback to when Ally was just a pup.

Getting to know each other.


6. Time for another nap.

Nothing wrong with livin’ that nap life, am I right?


7. Lookin’ sharp!

They really want to play.


8. Bundled up in the snow.

I love everything about this photo.


9. A couple of hungry bears!

Don’t they look ferocious?!?!


10. With their dear owner.

They are definitely faithful companions.


11. Love those bow ties!

Are these two great, or what?


I can’t get enough of these two! They’re so adorable!

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We can’t wait to meet them all!