If you’ve never had the pleasure of playing with a Newfoundland dog before, you’re really missing out.

They are gentle giants with wonderful personalities and they just love humans!

They love humans so much that they don’t even mind getting all decked out in costumes having their hair styled into crazy shapes.

Hank the Newfoundland is one such pooch who has become a bit of a social media darling due to his hilarious get-ups.

Here are some of the best Instagram photos of Hank.

We think you’re gonna love this guy!

1. Dwight Schrute!

Welcome to Schrute Farm!


2. In the spirit of Mrs. Doubtfire.

Remember that great flick?!?!


3. This is great.

All decked out like Edward Scissorhands.


4. Is that Billie Eilish?

No, it’s still Hank!


5. The world of wizardry.

He’ll cast a spell on you.


6. Tormenting Indiana Jones.

As long as he doesn’t do the “heart removal” scene from The Temple of Doom.


7. Game of Thrones.

Hank is not to be messed with.


8. Yes! Marty McFly!

This is the style from Back to the Future Part II, just FYI.


9. The dude abides.

I mean, this is pretty perfect.


10. You knew this was coming.

There’s no escape from Tiger King right now…or maybe ever…


11. Business casual.

You might need to go talk to HR.


12. It’s time to treat yourself.

It’s called “Self-Care Sunday.” Look it up.


I really think I need to get one of these dogs for the companionship and the hilarity.

They’re great!

Will you do us a favor and show us some pics of your dogs in the comments!

Dressed up, not dressed up, just doing whatever they like to do.

We can’t wait to meet them!