There’s a cat named Xherdan who has more than 35,000 Instagram followers for good reason. He’s simply amazing to look at!

He looks like he’d be some sort of evil genius from a horror or action movie, but, according to his owner, Sandra Filippi, “He is like a child and his personality is very lovely.”

I think I’m in love…

Let’s get to know the delightful Xherdan through some photos!

1.  Look deep into my eyes…

He does look intimidating, I can honestly say that…

2. Mean muggin’ in a major way.

The hat makes him look a little soft, though.

3. An extreme close-up.

Do you want a treat?

4. All snuggled up.

Make yourself comfortable, Xherdan.

5. Just look at the wrinkles on that forehead!

It’s quite remarkable.

6. I’m not sure if he likes that turtleneck.

Mom, why did you make me wear this?

7. Now you’ve made him mad…

And that’s not a good thing…

8. A grumpy Xherdan.

Or maybe the hairless thing just makes him look upset.

9. I love this photo.

Look at all that detail!

10. He’s taking some time to celebrate!

And he’s obviously loving it.

11. Heading off to a sporting match, are we?

He absolutely has his game face on.

As you can see, this guy lives quite the pampered life.

I never thought I’d be a fan of hairless cats, but Xherdan is pretty awesome!

Be sure to check out his website.

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