Most of us have some extra free time right now…make that A LOT of extra free time.

So what is there to do besides drink and watch TV?

How about building some really cool stuff around your house?

That’s what these folks have been up to lately and I have to say, all of these projects are pretty darn impressive.

Let’s take a look!

1. Keep those kiddos busy!

A cool stained glass project!

Trying to keep my kids busy! Painters tape + washable markers. Looks like stained glass!
byu/msmysty incrafts

2. This was time well spent.

No one is gonna get in this cat’s way!

Me in quarantine
byu/PheonixSsmus incrafts

3. A new home for Rusty.

Looks like a sweet pad to me.

Rusty gets an upgrade
byu/chinpoko_loco inquarantineactivities

4. Wow! That is awesome.

Color me impressed!

Spent the first week of quarantine building this greenhouse, all the beds are 30cm deep.
by ingardening

5. Life in miniature.

This is pretty mind-blowing, don’t you think?

Just finished this miniature over the past four days of lockdown… Found out our state will be shut down till the end of April… I’m gonna have a whole apartment block by the time this is over
byu/AprilShowers53 incrafts

6. Bring the movies to the kids!

Step right up and get your ticket.

7. That is terrifying.

No way that thing would be allowed in my house.

My daughter made this out of hot glue and painted it, then lied in wait as I found it. So proud!
byu/RollingThunderPants inpics

8. The sound of music.

A good way to spend the time.

9. Two great uses of your time.

Burn some calories and then have a drink!

10. Behold! Megatron!

Six feet, eight inches tall! That is nuts!

11. A hand-made globe.

I think you’d be able to see these.

12. Get your kicks!

It took a while but it was worth it.

13. A great idea.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Those are pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Have you been working on any cool projects around the house since we’ve been forced to stay at home?

Please share some photos and tell us a little bit about them in the comments!