Timing is everything, right?

That saying is true for a lot of things in life and photography is definitely one of them.

And a Greek street photographer named Anthimos Ntagkas seems to always be in the right place at the right time, as you’re about to see.

He captures all kinds of hilarious and timely photos that make you think his images are Photoshopped, but Ntagkas just has a great eye!

He said about street photography, “The reason why I chose this particular type of photography as opposed to any other is quite simple, actually. I didn’t need to learn an advanced technique or have expensive gear; just my small camera. Ideal for a beginner.”

Let’s take a look at his work!

1. Go for it!

I like how this one matches up.

2. Be careful when crossing the street.

You gotta keep your eyes open!

3. Sir, the sun is setting on your head.

I just thought you needed to know.

4. Come to me…

No, don’t go in there!

5. Into the belly of the beast.

They never saw it coming…

6. Nanu Nanu.

Take me to your leader.

7. Are you guys playing a game?

That’s what it looks like from where I’m sitting…

8. That is one killer afro!

I’m loving it!

9. Did you guys do this on purpose?

It’s time to color coordinate…

10. Here comes PacMan.

Chomp chomp chomp.

11. Get outta here, buddy!

That’s gonna hurt!

12. It matches up perfectly.

And this person is blissfully unaware.

Funny stuff right there!

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