You think you know a lot about movies?

Well, let me tell you, something friend…you’re about to get educated today!

No, not educated with actual FACTS, but with totally fake facts that a bunch of weirdos made up for some reason.

But hey, at least they’re pretty hilarious.

Enjoy these fake movie facts…you might even like them so much that you wish some of them were real.

1. That was a real T-Rex in that movie.

I bet you didn’t know that, did you?

During the filming of Jurassic Park (1993), T-Rex was known to sweat profusely as it was his first major role in 55 million years.
byu/fletchDigital inshittymoviedetails

2. True story. Look it up.

That is his actual birth name. You learn something new every day.

VIN Diesel’s full legal name, Vehicle Identification Number Diesel, was the sole determining factor in his original casting for the Fast & Furious franchise.
byu/ObimoObinkimo inshittymoviedetails

3. I thought that was MY parents fighting on there.

Well, maybe it’s both of ours…or all of ours.

In Watchmen (2009), the patterns on Rorschach’s mask constantly shift around and show various images of my parents fighting
byu/AdvocateSaint inshittymoviedetails

4. Ouch. This one hurts a little bit.

He probably should have stayed home that night.

“Lincoln” grossed over $275,000,000 in movie theaters, which is ironic since historically Lincoln doesn’t do too well in theaters.
byu/j0z- inshittymoviedetails

5. You knew this was coming.

And yes, his real name is Tom.

In The Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore calls Voldemort by his birth name, Tom. This foreshadows the fact that J.K. Rowling does not respect people’s chosen identities.
byu/Both_Tone inshittymoviedetails

6. I need to hit this location.

To see where it all went down, you know?

This scene in Toy Story (1995) was filmed in this portion of the sky over 25 years ago.
byu/HellotoHorse inshittymoviedetails

7. Good thing he didn’t use the real teeth.

They thought about it, though…

In Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) Rami Malek was wearing fake teeth because letting him wear Freddie Mercury’s REAL teeth would have been unethical and really messed up
byu/Ffailix inshittymoviedetails

8. Did you know about this?

It’s true, look it up.

In Wonder Woman (2017), Diana is able to get to London from her remote island in only a day because she is an Amazon, and therefore qualifies for next day shipping
by inshittymoviedetails

9. He played a couple of different roles.

I had no idea!

Christopher Nolan liked Heath Ledger as an actor so much, he asked him to play the nurse who blew up the hospital as well. If you look closely, you can see Ledger still wearing his Joker makeup from previous scenes.
by inshittymoviedetails

10. He was wearing a big of makeup, but that’s definitely him.

And this movie won an Oscar!

Despite being a South Korean movie, Parasite also had an uncredited appearance by American actor Dwayne Johnson.
byu/pale_guy_ inshittymoviedetails

11. It wasn’t even out yet!

I knew he was lying.

[deleted by user]
by inshittymoviedetails

12. It wasn’t easy.

Had to be very careful.

Actors in black and white movies were often putting their own lives in danger during driving scenes, as they weren’t able to tell if the traffic light was red or green.
byu/dcomer_21 inshittymoviedetails

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