People choose to get tattoos put onto their bodies for all different kinds of reasons.

To honor loved ones, to show how much they’re into a certain thing (sports, music, comics, etc.), and some folks just like to be funny with their ink.

And you’re about to feast your eyes on some really funny ones from people who I would not classify as shy.

Let’s take a look at what kind of tattoos they got!

1. This little piggy…

Well, you know where it went.

Well placed tattoo
byu/bencowtastic infunny

2. One foot in the grave.

He had to do it.

My tattoo guy said ” that’s not a tattoo you copy, it’s a tattoo you earn.”
byu/timmy5toes infunny

3. Are you gonna get it chopped up?

I think you should just leave it!

I was told this would fit well here. Behold my webbed (fused?) toe tattoo!
byu/ComicPlatypus infunny

4. I wonder what happened here…

That definitely didn’t feel good.

Clever tattoo done by one of my facebook friends.
byu/sagelface infunny

5. This guy needs to be given an award.

He really nailed it!

Best Tattoo Ever
byu/Ananay83 infunny

6. Wow. Look very closely.

He obviously has a good sense of humor.

A half-black, half-white teenager’s parents finally allowed him to get a tattoo. This is what he picked.
byu/SandpaperThoughts infunny

7. That’s one way to raise awareness.

Right across the old forehead.

Swedish rapper Bud Stankz, tattooed “Diabetes” un his forehead to raise awareness
byu/SPECIAL_Lunchbox infunny

8. This is very clever.

We love it!

Now my birth mark is an actual wine stain
byu/WPln92 intattoo

9. Sorry about your surgery.

But at least you’ll have this memory.

My old Navy buddy is having his leg amputated next month. This is his new tattoo.
byu/piranhasaurusTex infunny

10. He’s just being honest.

Hey, he made a mistake.

I love tattoos with commentary
byu/TheR0ckhammer infunny

11. I think he did a great job.

Don’t you see it?

So my older brother just got out of prison, his cellmate said he could tattoo spiderman no problem
byu/CabbageShoez infunny

12. A disgrace to the franchise.

Also, it looks like about four different people took turns doing this thing.

Would make John Elway cry
byu/Milehighjoe12 inbadtattoos

Do you have any tattoos that are funny or silly?

Or maybe you know some people who have funny ones?

If the answer is YES, talk to us in the comments and share some pics with us.

We’d love to see them! Thank!