A Japanese artist named Meetissai is on a singular artistic mission. And I have to say that I’m a huge fan.

He takes awkward and funny photos of animals and turns them into hilarious little sculptures that everyone can, and does, enjoy.

Let’s take a look at this fella’s handiwork, shall we?

1. One of my favorites.

2. The longest cat in the world.

3. Coronavirus cat.

4. The jumping pooch!

5. Tune in Tokyo.

6. Scared to death!

7. Took that one right in the face.

8. Reach for the sky.

9. An all-time classic.

10. Two-headed dog.

11. Are you comfortable?

12. Look out below!

Those are excellent! I’m a big fan!

What did you think?

Tell us in the comments! And maybe if you have a funny/awkward photo of your pet, you should send it along to him so he can make a sculpture for you!