Marriage is a beautiful partnership between two people that is meant to be fulfilling in so many ways…or something like that.

It can also be a hilarious series of episodes of fighting, making up, fighting again, arguing, and so on and so forth.

Here are 15 hysterical marriage tweets that should tide you over for a while.

1. Honey, you’re the best…

2. Embrace this role!

3. Not good anymore.

4. You sir, are a genius.

5. A crucial part of any marriage.

6. Eyes in the back of her head.

7. Got out of that one!

8. That’s love, baby.

9. Sick burn!

10. No eating in bed.

11. Your timing is perfect.

12. Sweet revenge…

13. It’s that one.

14. The story of life.

15. You’re in big trouble.

Funny. Painful. Accurate. Right on the money.

Married folks out there: do these tweets remind you of your own sacred union?

Tell us all about it in the comments!