14 Hilarious Tweets About Life With 8-Year-Olds

(C)Wikimedia Commons


If you’re a parent, you know that life with an 8-year-old (or any kid for that matter) ain’t easy.

It’s a funny age where kids are starting to mature but they still have a lot of that crazy “little kid” in them.

Here are funny tweets from parents about the ups and downs of life with an 8-year-old kiddo.

1. He’s learning.

2. That really is sad…

3. Probably shouldn’t ask that.

4. This is gonna hurt.

5. Clearly, he’s a genius.

6. Think about that one…

7. I’m outta here.

8. No comment on that one.

9. Good while it lasted.

10. Just do it.

11. Most terrifying thing in the world.

12. He might be on to something.

13. They grow up so fast.

14. Whoa! That’s pretty harsh.

Parents, do those tweets ring a bell?

How are your kids behaving these days?

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