If you don’t follow Death by Toys on Instagram, you need to do it immediately.

The company is run by a guy named Dan Polydoris and he makes incredible, one-of-a-kind figures based on different pop culture characters and he goes DEEEEEEEEEEEP.

If it’s anything cult-related, I’m all about it.

Check these out and be sure to also check out the Death by Toys website and Facebook page.

1. You can’t beat Costanza.

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I’m out of town again, and I still have 20 minutes to squeeze in a #tbt, so here’s a little throwback to a fun one-off I did for a show with @spoke_art last year. I’m planning to have some more releases and work harder to keep my store stocked this year, so for everyone who’s asked, just hang in there. You should have a better chance to grab stuff in 2020. Anyway, this Arizona retirement community executes anyone on site who stays awake past midnight, so goodnight. . . . . . . . . #georgecostanza #seinfeld #seinfeldmemes #jasonalexander #fanart #artistsoninstagram #arttoys #theartofseduction #pureseduction #toys #actionfigures #bootlegtoys #bootleg #customtoy #oneofakind #toyslagram #toyphoto #toypics #toycommunity #seinfeldfan #collector #90stv #90s #deathbytoys

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2. Hans Gruber falling off the building.

3. There’s a market for everything.

4. This old gem from Beverly Hills Cop.

5. Exploding head from Scanners.

6. I heard you’re looking for Candyman.

7. Some actual fog!

8. One of my favorites!

9. Apollo Creed has died.

10. A cult-classic film!

11. Get to the chopper!

12. The Tall Man.

13. This is incredible.

14. Creepy horror movie.

15. Another one of my favorites!

Those are great! Now I just have to figure out how many of them I can afford to buy…

Are you a toy collector? What do you think of the products from Death by Toys?

Nerd out with us in the comments!