I have to say, I can’t stand Internet trolls for the most part. But, when it’s done with humor and it’s light-hearted and done well, it can be really hilarious.

A guy named Wesley Metcalfe goes by the moniker The Amazing Troll-Man and he is a hoot.

He responds to people on Facebook pretending to be a customer service representative for various companies and…well, you know how pissed off people get about these kinds of things.

These are really funny!


1. Hahaha. I love this.

But is this a bit, yanno? Hmmm…

Image Credit: Facebook

2. A little poem for you.

I wrote it myself. Do you like it?

Image Credit: Facebook

3. A real zinger.

Zing-a-roo hoo hoo!

Image Credit: Facebook

4. No scrubs.

I don’t want no scrubs.

Image Credit: Facebook

5. Why are you rubbing it?

That’s a lot of rubbing, buddy!

Image Credit: Facebook

6. A nice anagram.

That is cold AF!

Image Credit: Facebook

7. When in Rome.

OMFG… I almost spit up my drink when I read this.

Image Credit: Facebook

8. The dead slug.

Just another peas of the puzzle!

Image Credit: Facebook

9. It does sound like a hairspray.

Who goes by their stage name?

Image Credit: Facebook

10. Susie did it again…

She was obsessed with that JD sauce!

Image Credit: Facebook

11. The terrible smell.

Just never gamble. Go outside.

Image Credit: Facebook

12. Ouch. Brutal!

That is STONE cold.

Image Credit: Facebook

This guy is good. And this is the kind of superhero we need right now!

Are there any other funny trolls you follow who aren’t vicious and mean and divisive, but just good, old-fashioned fun?

Ken M. comes to mind for me. He’s great.

Share some others with us in the comments!