Enjoy These Stories About People Actually Objecting During Wedding Ceremonies

(C)Unsplash,Olivia Bauso


It takes some serious cojones to stand up at someone’s wedding and object to their everlasting union.

But I guess if you’re that upset about two people getting married for one reason or another, you gotta do what you gotta do.

A man named Elan Gale threw this question out into the Twitterverse…

And wouldn’t you know it? We got some very good stories out of it.

Let’s take a look.

1. Uh oh…

2. Wish this was on video.

3. Good move…

4. The hired help.

5. A light-hearted moment.

6. Messed up…

7. I have a question…

8. Wow. That is crazy.

9. Damn kids.

10. Party time!

11. That’s all, folks!

I have personally never seen anything like this before at a wedding.

How about you?

If you’ve witnessed an objection like this, please tell us the story in the comments!

We’re looking forward to it!