There’s no nice way to say it…dating kind of sucks.

Once in a while, you find that diamond in the rough, but a lot of the times it’s just kind of depressing and very discouraging.

If you’ve spent any time out in the dating world lately, these tweets will look very familiar…

1. I’m back!

2. That’s a deal-breaker now?

3. Not sure what to say…

4. I’ve been to a bar before…

5. False advertising.

6. Here are the catchphrases.

7. Seems like she might be into you. Just a bit.

8. That sums it up.

9. I like the sound of this.

10. Really on the fence about this one.

11. Here we go…

12. Just like a piano…

13. I think you might scare some people off.

14. A lot of swingers out there.

15. Good luck to you!

Well…good luck out there…sometimes it can seem like it’s slim pickings…

Now it’s your turn!

Have you been on any memorable dates lately?

Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Tell us about it in the comments!