Do we really need to overanalyze this one? The entire Internet exists so that you can look at pictures and videos of cats. Thousands of people and cats work tirelessly, day in and day out, for you to do just that.

But sometimes, you get tired of looking at yet another cat video. Sometimes, you want something a little different. Luckily for you, cat-content-providers have been working on that problem as well! Like Thibault (Tibo) Charroppin and his cat Lizzy, who goes by the stage name Owl Kitty. Rather than merely shoot cat videos, like everyone else, Thibault edits his cat into Hollywood movies.

Eventually you’ll get tired of seeing cats edited into movies, too. But that’s a problem for another day. Have at it! (via Bored Panda.)


1. Star Wars

2. Titanic

3. Lord of the Rings

4. Jurassic Park

5. How to Train Your Dragon

6. 300

7. The Shining

8. Pirates of the Caribbean

9. 50 Shades Of Gray

10. Frisky Business

11. Seven

12. The Meow-trix

13. John Wick

14. Game of Thrones

15. Catzilla



h/t: Bored Panda