Animals do weird things sometimes to get attention.

When I was growing up, my friend’s dog used to limp all the time so they brought her to see the vet.

The vet told her that there was nothing wrong with the dog and she was limping ON PURPOSE for attention.


And this dog is no different.

Her name is Stella and she’s a Golden Retriever who has figured out how to get attention when she feels like she’s not getting enough…she picks up random objects because she knows it’ll make the humans around tend to her.

Let’s get to know Stella!

1. That’s not your bottle!

I think that means she wants some belly rubs.

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Her eyes look very mischievous.

She knows what kind of game she’s playing.

Photo Credit: Twitter

3. You’re not brushing your teeth tonight.

Hey! Get back here!

Photo Credit: Twitter

4. I need to make a phone call.

And it’s NOT a local call.

Photo Credit: Twitter

5. Feeling that trucker hat look.

Hopefully she doesn’t chew it to pieces.

Photo Credit: Twitter

6. Is that a missile?!?!

Better be careful with that…

Photo Credit: Twitter

7. I can’t see anything without those!

Okay, this game is getting a little bit ridiculous.

Photo Credit: Twitter

8. At your service.

No, you can’t put that on your dog food!

Photo Credit: Twitter

9. Time to go for a run, I guess.

Can I please have that shoe back?

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. I’m in control of the TV for now.

Anyone wanna watch Animal Planet?

Photo Credit: Twitter

11. Hey, it’s cool. I’m old enough to drink.

Coors Light. Silver Bullet for the win!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Is she adorable, or what?

And it seems like she’s pretty smart, too.

Does your dog or cat do anything really funny to get attention from you?

If so, please tell us about it and share a photo in the comments!