I gotta say, this is the best idea I’ve seen in a LONG TIME.

Troll Cakes is a company based in New York City and they call themselves a “Bakery & Detective Agency”.

Why, you ask? Because they actually track down online trolls, bake cakes with their insults festively adorned on them, and they send them back to the trolls because they find out their addresses. Remember, they’re also detectives.

This is amazing! And a lot of these are comments left on the social media accounts of famous people, so that makes them even more interesting.

If you have a troll that you want to get back at, you should probably look into this company.

Let’s take a look at some of their work.

1. That’s a very specific insult.

And I think I like it!

2. Short and sweet.

And not very nice!

3. Why are you still here?

This always stops people in their tracks.

4. Ouch…sick burn.

My hairstyle IS meant to be a joke, by the way.

5. Why, thank you.

Some women take this as a compliment these days.

6. So is your grammar.

But your point is taken.

7. This one gets straight to the matter at hand.

I’d like to know the backstory on this one.

8. You’re a fraud!

No one ever likes to hear that.

9. That’s not very nice.

But I understand your concern.

10. A harsh insult if there ever was one.

Just about as harsh as they come.

11. Oh, boy…these people…

They seem to be everywhere these days.

I love these! So cool! I can think of a few people I’d like to send a cake to…

How about you? In the comments, tell us who you’d like to send a Troll Cake to and what it would say!

We’d love to hear from you!