Some trends just leave me scratching my head…

And here’s another one to add to the list.

Most people are pretty bored out of their minds right now…and have been for the past couple of months.

When cooking, exercising, and reading start to lose their luster, what’s a locked up person to do?

I know! The Pillow Dress Challenge!

All you need to do is literally wear a pillow like a dress, take a pic, and post that baby on Instagram. Then you can compare and contrast your fashion statement with all the other folks out there who did the same thing.

Nice and easy!

Here are some pics of folks who had some fun with this silly social media trend.

1. Is this the look of the future?

I really hope not, so enjoy it while it lasts…

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Look do dia ?‍♀️ #pillowdresschallenge

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2. A mother and daughter combo.

They are clearly BFF.

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Girls are totally mum’s best friends! Oh well I become my mum’s best friend at around 25 or older? Never too late! ? Lol It’s always fun to grab ?? Emma for a photo session! I am going to train ?? Ella too! I was thinking about this ? #pillowchallenge or #pillowdresschallenge for a long time. I ??‍♀️ don’t really know why we are doing it but it actually was a really creative idea & I saw many great photos! So we finally got down to ? shoot this! I am glad Emma readily agrees to this! The only things she said is ? shhhh cannot tell ah mah because ah mah said cannot post naked photos online! Lol I told her cannot see her body parts that are supposed to be covered by clothings so it’s fine. Lol We had so much fun trying to act silly & imagining we are on a ? beach holiday! But mama only has 1 same post to make sure the ??‍♀️ face angle is sharp, lean forward & looks satisfactory to her standards! So little Emma has many poses! These are one of the activities we do to perk ourselves up for spending days after days at ? home within the 4 walls! I lost interests in even going to ? NTUC! P/S: Thanks hubby for shooting this for us! #efamilee #efamileeforlife #efamileecomesfirst #famileevalues #laofulaoqie #efamilyighubby #efamilyjalanjalan #sgmummy #sgmum #singaporemummy #singaporemum #muminsg #muminsingapore #mummy #mummies #mum #mumlife #momlife

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3. He’s sure showing a lot of skin…

But good for him!

4. Getting the little ones in on the fun.

She’s clearly having a good time.

5. Ready to hit the town.

All dressed up…and nowhere to go.

6. She’s doing it the right way.

We should probably follow her lead.

7. The trifecta.

Ready for the runway.

8. Are you really going out like that?

To each their own…

9. The mask really completes the look.

You might want to put on some shoes if you’re leaving the house, though…

10. Where are you guys headed?

Just gonna walk around town like that?

11. And then, there’s this guy…

He looks very intense. And very proud of his creation!

You just never know what people are going to come up with when they’re stuck at home, do you?

Okay, you know what time it is!

Now we want to see your photos of your pillow dress.

Please share them with us in the comments!