This Artist Turns Trash into Animals to Bring Awareness to Pollution and the Environment



Artur Bordalo is a Portuguese artist who makes incredibly unique pieces…out of garbage. Bordalo has a series of pieces called “Big Trash Animals” that is meant to call attention to pollution and the dangers of harming the environment.

He hunts down materials that are dumped on the street, and I think it’s safe to say he puts them to excellent use.

Let’s take a look at Bordalo’s work.

1. Hedgehog in Italy.

2. Raccoon in Portugal.

3. Coyote in San Francisco.

4. Muskox in Sweden.

5. Baby raccoon in Pittsburgh.

6. Orangutan in London.

7. Rabbit in Portugal.

8. Sea turtle in Tahiti.

9. Hammerhead shark in Tahiti.

10. And finally, a squid in Portugal.

His work is truly amazing.

Be sure to check out Bordalo’s website as well as his Instagram and Facebook pages!