People Shared the Most Unprofessional Things They’ve Done at Work



Hey, let’s give these people some credit. They’re going on the record and admitting what bad employees they’ve been at one point or another.

This is the question that got the ball rolling.

And boy, did people deliver. Let’s take a deep dive into the bad behavior of these employees, shall we?

1. Out shopping.

2. You’re on the clock!

3. Just taking a nap, that’s all.

4. That takes a lot of nerve.

5. No one noticed?

6. This is on the record…

7. Nice move!

8. Side business.

9. Gonna get ugly.

10. You were multi-tasking.

11. That is cruel!

12. Free meal!

13. Rack up those points.

14. Hahahaha. Amazing.

15. Two things at once.

I know that a bunch of you out there have done pretty sketchy things at work.

Tell us about it in the comments, please!