Aldi: The Stock-up Store. I totally remember those commercials from my childhood, but I don’t think I ever actually stepped foot into an Aldi until 2005 in Chicago. I was working for a catering company, and I got sent there constantly to pick stuff up. I grew to kind of dislike Aldi, to be honest with you…

But let’s not complain, let’s get to the funny stuff about Aldi, okay!

Here are tweets that sum up the Aldi shopping experience…if you’ve been there, then you know…

1. Knock-off brands.

2. Let’s all take it easy.

3. Just keep it going.

4. Rest in peace.

5. It’s a skill.

6. That means wealth in my book.

7. They don’t mess around.

8. It is kind of like a garage.

9. Load it on up.

10. A good mix.

11. Very, very true.

12. That’s all you need.

13. Don’t go that far…

14. Some more knock-off brands.

15. That is blasphemous!

Are you an Aldi lover?

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