Ryan Berkley is an artist who creates a lot of different illustrations, but I have to say that I’m a huge fan of his pieces that feature animals dressed to the nines. We’re talking about all decked out in style.

They’re funny and, more importantly, they’re really well done and are a joy to look at.

Let’s explore some of his work! And be sure to follow Ryan and his wife Lucy, who are residents of Portland, Oregon, on Instagram.

1. Cat with a turtleneck.

I love it!


2. Looks like an elder statesman of sorts…

A very important figure.


3. Punk Rock Cat.

Got the look down 100%.


4. Dressed to the nines.

The pug looks a little bit worried about it…as all pugs usually do.


5. This one is great.

Gone fishin’!


6. Did you notice the little bird?

A nice touch, wouldn’t you say?


7. Tiger King.

Ready to go on safari.


8. Time to party!

It looks like it might be a 1980s party, doesn’t it?


9. A very wise owl.

With cherry pie on the mind.


10. A very distinguished pig.

Might want to think about running for President someday.


11. T-Rex ready to honky tonk!

All decked out in Western wear.


12. Forgot your pants!

You still look really good, though.


Those are great, don’t you think? I’m personally a huge fan.

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