I’ve seen some pretty unique things on social media lately when it comes to art, but one thing that has really impressed me is how artists use one specific part of the body as a canvas.

Well, an Israeli artist named Tal Peleg is taking the game to even greater heights with her pieces that she creates using only eyelids.

Yes, I said eyelids.

Peleg said, “Art has always been part of my life and it’s very important for me to create. My artistic journey is long, and the eye art project was the longest part—five years. Hundreds of hours. I’m very proud of it.”

We think you’re gonna love her work! Check it out!

1. This is so awesome.

I hope you don’t get creeped out easily…


2. The river of tears.

Check out the detail on this one!


3. The fault in our stars.

This is a cool one.


4. Let’s take a magical journey.

Nice and colorful!


5. Do you care for some sushi?

I like the wasabi around the eyes!


6. Good old Dumbo.

He’s shedding a tear.


7. Here’s one of her sketches.

Inspired by Salvador Dali.


8. The littlest mermaid.

Check out the color on the brows.


9. This one is really cool.

She’s so creative!


10. Got a big belly goin’ on.

I like the polka dots!


11. Another mermaid for ya!

Perfect lines on this one.


12. Here’s a little inspiration.

Have a great day!


Do you follow any really cool artists on social media?

Well, don’t keep them to yourself!

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