It might seem like artists out there on social media are a dime a dozen, but once in a great while you stumble across someone like Tal Peleg and you get your MIND BLOWN.

The Israeli artist uses only eyelids to create dazzling portraits that you really have to see to believe.

I’m just so impressed that she can fit this much detail into such a small, sensitive area!

Peleg said, “I always loved art and makeup, so painting on the eye was my way of mixing these passions. I use the eyelid as a canvas to tell a story and to inspire people. I started many years ago by painting animals and fairy tales on the eyes, and over time, my eye art has become more and more detailed and challenging.”

Are you ready to be DAZZLED?

Let’s check out Peleg’s work. Enjoy!

1. Guardians of the Galaxy.

You gotta love this one!

2. Starry night.

This is so cool.

3. E.T., phone home.

Watch it again and cry all over again.

4. Did you see La La Land?

If so, then this will look familiar.

5. That looks like Rudolph to me.

He’s leading the way!

6. Take a look at Beauty and the Beast.

Isn’t this detail incredible?

7. Emojis for days!

You know you love it!

8. For Holocaust Remembrance Day.

A fitting tribute.

9. A big fan of Deadpool.

She’s a superhero, too!

10. There’s no place like home.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

11. That’s Edgar Allan Poe!

I love this one!

Those are nuts!

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