If nothing else, we think that these epic job fails you’re about to lay your eyes on will at least make you feel better about your own job and your own life.

And that’s something, isn’t it?!?! I sure think so!

Hey, if it takes the misery of other people to make yourself better, then I say just embrace it.

Are you ready for a pick-me-up. Let’s take a look at these job fails.

1. I’m sorry to hear that.

But just go ahead and use your finger, okay?

One space was all it was needed
byu/MGSBlackHawk inonejob

2. Don’t get into any trouble in this area.

Just trust us on this one…

I feel so safe
byu/nimernith inonejob

3. Elmo has been possessed by the Devil.

Oh my God, he’s levitating off the bed!

Elmo born with eyes on the back of his head
by inonejob

4. No expiration date. EVER.

Oh, that’s good to know.

Legend has it that it’s still good to this day
byu/cope413 inonejob

5. You had one job!

That sure didn’t go very well.

Trick or Trick
by inonejob

6. How did they get THAT wrong?

Some people, I swear…

I know this year has sucked, but c’mon…
byu/skibum267 inonejob

7. You did a bang-up job!

I think you deserve a promotion.

Installed the sink boss!
by inonejob

8. Anyone care to explain this?

Yikes…not a good look.

Nope, no problem here
byu/Otakawai inonejob

9. What are you complaining about?

But you’re right, someone did not perform their job correctly.

My KitKat was just a bar of chocolate
byu/lilosaurus_flex inonejob

10. That’s not very helpful.

Can someone point that down here, please?

Light up the stars, baby!
byu/IndrikusMaximus inonejob

11. A good use of cardboard, paper, etc.

Come on, people!

I ordered a precision screwdriver and it got delivered like this
byu/Crusader_al inonejob

12. That is NOT a can of corn.

Not even close…

Opened a can of corn and…
byu/kingkalamari07 inonejob

Well, those made me feel a little bit better about my work performance.

How about you? Have you ever really biffed it at your job?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!