Oh, boy, here we go again

It seems like every time you think you’ve seen the laziest and most incompetent workers out there, a whole new batch sneaks up to show you that there’s no shortage of bad employees out there.

And we got some real doozies for you today, friends!

Let’s take a look…

1. Kids, we’re gonna find a new place to play.

Who approved this thing?

This sandbox was place right on top of a manhole from NotMyJob

2. Who packed this box?

And who orders crickets through the mail?

Shipped those crickets boss from NotMyJob

3. They just don’t care anymore.

Hey, at least they’re being honest.

It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy. from NotMyJob

4. I wonder if any of those actually work.

That’s gotta be kind of difficult to figure out which one is going off.

Corporate Said We Should Put in a New Fire Alarm, Not Remove Old Ones. from NotMyJob

5. A nice and easy slope.

I don’t see any problems with this. Do you?

I made it handy cap accessible boss from NotMyJob

6.  Great job to everyone involved.

Way to go, team!

My colleague ordered some bowls online and this one came exactly as you see it. Someone wrapped a broken bowl, without the parts that broke off, meaning it didn’t break in transit. from NotMyJob

7. I guess they didn’t knock loud enough.

Or maybe they didn’t knock at all…

Delivered Boss! from NotMyJob

8. Someone was sleeping on the job.

Okay, who’s responsible for this?

title goes here fsdjik ndfij jkfns from NotMyJob

9. Is that how I’m supposed to wear that shirt?

I mean, if you say so…

Spotted in Target. Next level fashion. from NotMyJob

10. Yikes…not a good look.

“Good for every meal.”

I’ve got a great idea boss from NotMyJob

11. The only problem is you can’t actually turn it on.

Is that going to be a problem?

Fan’s installed, boss from NotMyJob

12. Good thing this phone is there.

In case there’s a real emergency.

It says "emergency telephone". from NotMyJob

13. Oh, they’ll figure it out.

They can always take the stairs.

I installed the new elevator button, boss from NotMyJob

Some people, I’ll tell ya…

And now we want to hear from you!

What’s the worst job screw-up moment that you’ve ever witnessed?

Talk to us in the comments! Thanks!