Run to the hills! Run for your life! These bunnies are vicious, bloodthirsty killers and you best not be around when they’re hungry…or angry.

Okay, they’re really just yawning, but they definitely look like they are about to get seriously violent (a la Monty Python), and they might rip your head off if you’re not careful.


1. A true killer!

2. That is actually pretty scary.

3. From the depths of Hell…

4. Run for your life!

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It's Friday every bunny! I finally captured Pepper's yawn!

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5. He will attack!

6. Howl at the moon.

7. Freaky deaky, for sure.

8. I am rabbit, hear me roar.

9. Some live video for you.

10. Yikes! I have to cover my eyes now!

This has to be made into a horror movie at some point, don’t you think?

Comment with your own photos of your vicious, killer bunnies!