If you’ve never used it before, maybe you don’t know. But Photoshop is hard. It’s difficult to make things look accurate and acceptable…and these folks all learned this lesson the hard way. Like, the real hard way.

Which is great news for us, because we get to laugh our asses off at them!

And you can start…NOW!

1. Looks very comfy!

Awww yisss finally a shower that works with my broken neck from funny

2. That arm, tho.

The Arm… Oh God… from CrappyDesign

3. Flying a little low?

This woman looking out the plane is very calm considering she’s about to crash into the Hudson from CrappyDesign

4. Also, learn how to do MAGIC!

So this is how you play guitar? from CrappyDesign

5. Something seems off…

This picture was on my pasta box. What did they do to her?! from WTF

6. Not how it works.

That’s not how you use a selfie stick from CrappyDesign

7. That looks totally natural.

The peas on this menu photo are photoshopped in from mildlyinteresting

8. Don’t do that!

Giant is seconds from being paralyzed from CrappyDesign

9. Squid people are about to attack!

These poor squid-girls from CrappyDesign

10. The stuff of nightmares.

Those are awfully long arms you’ve got there from CrappyDesign

11. There’s something wrong with Dad’s head.

I guess the original family just wasn’t attractive enough. from CrappyDesign

12. Is this a sci-fi auto show?

This shopped car at the Mazda booth at the Portland International Auto Show… from CrappyDesign

13. Holy sh*t, that is scary.

14. The headless look is in this fall.

"Excuse me sir, but your missing something." from CrappyDesign

15. What happened to Mommy?

Wow, those are a laugh riot. Especially since they leaked out into the Interwebs.

Do you have any epic Photoshop fails of your own? Let’s see ’em!