These Tweets Sum up the Differences Between Cat People and Dog People



Are you a cat person or a dog person? Your preference between the two pets can say a lot about your personality and about your life.

While you ponder that incredibly important decision, let’s take a look at some funny tweets about this topic…

1. This is accurate in a scary way.

2. Complete transformations.

3. That is kinda weird…

4. Don’t even bother.

5. Dabbling in conspiracy theories.

6. Can’t we all just get along?

7. Yeah, pretty much…

8. You work for them now.

9. That might be pushing it a bit.

10. Both are true, technically.

11. Don’t touch…or even look.

12. Not a lot of gray area.

13. Never happens.

14. This one!

15. Time to shed a tear.

So which side do you fall on?

You have to pick one! You can’t be neutral!