It’s a fact that kids are pretty amusing even when they’re not even trying to be. It must just be part of the DNA of young boys and girls, and then once we get a little bit older, we grow out of it and become bland adults.

Good times!

Here are some kiddos that are downright hilarious. Do any of them remind you of your little monsters?

1. These kids have bright futures.

2. That is not cool.

3. Genius move, right there.

4. Wait, that’s not an emergency?

5. This kid gets it.

6. My kind of kid.

7. No honey, it doesn’t.

8. Always erase the history.

9. Newspaper was hacked.

10. We’re laughing with you.

11. Acting a fool.

12. Don’t say a word.

13. Would you look at that?

14. Speaking the truth.

15. I agree with him.

Fill us in on what your kiddos have done recently that made you laugh out loud!

We’d love to hear from you!