I grew up in a house with four other siblings and let me tell you, it was kind of a madhouse.

People always coming and going, brothers and sisters arguing, parents telling us to shut up…it was very interesting. And I’m still kind of shocked that our parents decided to keep all of us…

And most of the time, despite the activity, it was a lot of fun! And if you grew up with siblings, you know that you’ll always have a unique bond that will last forever.

Let’s check out some funny tweets about the realities of having siblings.

1. A terrible idea.

You might as well just rip that part of the wall out.


2. They’re good at getting you to the extra level.

And that’s NOT GOOD for you.

3. I’m trying to concentrate here!

What the hell is wrong with you!


4. I’m not falling for that one.

I learned my lesson last time.

5. You just don’t know what it was like.

A fun part of growing up!


6. It sure does!

You knew they were never gonna actually do it…probably…

7. That’s amazing.

And I bet you held it over his head that whole time.

8. Use it or lose it.

It’s all a mind game.

9. Go get it yourself.

“You ain’t broke.”


10. Really giving them the business.

Some things never change…

11. It was usually whoever was older.

And I never got over it, either!


How about you?

Do you have siblings?

If so, tell us some funny stories about them in the comments.

Thanks in advance!