If you grew up in a house with a few kids in it (or more), you know what was going on behind those doors.

Alliances were formed, people argued and fought with each other, occasionally a soft drink was thrown in someone’s face during dinner.

It was a great time!

And underneath it all was one simple thing: LOVE. A very complicated and unique kind of love, but yes, it was still love.

Let’s look at some funny tweets about what it’s like to have siblings. And tell us if you think any of this looks familiar…

1. Whose idea was that?

Sounds like a really bad one to me…

2. You’re going to need a lot of strength for this.

Sometimes, you just get pushed to the limit.

3. That was resolved quickly.

It can change just like that.

4. I’m familiar with this.

Don’t forget about the names of the pets, too.

5. Funny how that works.

Wait a second…I think that’s my jacket.

6. Put it all down in your little book.

You’re gonna need the evidence later on.

7. Good thing they’re not yelling at me.

This always felt really good.

8. Drives me nuts!

The trash can is literally two feet away.

9. You better run for it!

If you get caught in there again, you’re gonna be in trouble.

10. She came out of nowhere.

He hit me first!

11. You gotta be on top of this game.

I called Shotgun!

12. Both of these look very familiar…

Say hi to your siblings for us!

Do you have some sibling rivalry going on in your life?

If the answer is YES, tell us some funny stories in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks!