I don’t get too excited about too many things, but the perfect photo of food pops up and I get all hot and bothered. Am I weird? Possibly. Am I disgusting? Absolutely.

These food photos are so perfect that they’re borderline sexy.

I think you’ll agree, ladies and gents.

1. Gummy bear sculpture.

2. Taste the rainbow.

Rainbow carrots. from oddlysatisfying

3. Perfect rose petals.

4. How long did that take?

My friends cookie jar. from oddlysatisfying

5. Do not disturb this pyramid.

This pyramid of M&Ms from oddlysatisfying

6. 8-bit avocado.

This "pixelated" avocado from oddlysatisfying

7. That is oddly satisfying.

A peeled watermelon from oddlysatisfying

8. Can’t say I’ve seen that before.

A Starburst hotdog from oddlysatisfying

9. Dum Dum circle.

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Dumbow #adamhillman

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10. Looks too good to eat.

Today I made the perfect soft serve cone from oddlysatisfying

11. Where the jelly beans are made.

JellyBelly factory from oddlysatisfying

12. Looks like a painting.

This grocery store. from oddlysatisfying

13. That is pretty cool.

Natural honeycomb from oddlysatisfying

14. Art with cereal.

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15. Tetris with tater tots.

How these tater tots fit together. from oddlysatisfying

I don’t want to get too personal, but are you turned on?

I know I am…