I don’t get too excited about too many things, but the perfect photo of food pops up and I get all hot and bothered. Am I weird? Possibly. Am I disgusting? Absolutely.

These food photos are so perfect that they’re borderline sexy.

I think you’ll agree, ladies and gents.

1. Gummy bear sculpture.


2. Taste the rainbow.

Rainbow carrots.
byu/nootnoot_pingu_noot inoddlysatisfying

3. Perfect rose petals.


4. How long did that take?

My friends cookie jar.
byu/nurse_with_penis inoddlysatisfying

5. Do not disturb this pyramid.

This pyramid of M&Ms
byu/TopdeBotton inoddlysatisfying

6. 8-bit avocado.

This “pixelated” avocado
byu/tom_ace022 inoddlysatisfying

7. That is oddly satisfying.

A peeled watermelon
byu/THORGNASH inoddlysatisfying

8. Can’t say I’ve seen that before.

A Starburst hotdog
byu/_jordanburke_ inoddlysatisfying

9. Dum Dum circle.


10. Looks too good to eat.

Today I made the perfect soft serve cone
by inoddlysatisfying

11. Where the jelly beans are made.

JellyBelly factory
by inoddlysatisfying

12. Looks like a painting.

This grocery store.
byu/sorry_wasntlistening inoddlysatisfying

13. That is pretty cool.

Natural honeycomb
byu/CrazyDuck6745 inoddlysatisfying

14. Art with cereal.


15. Tetris with tater tots.

How these tater tots fit together.
by inoddlysatisfying

I don’t want to get too personal, but are you turned on?

I know I am…