Say what you will, but McDonald’s is GOOD. I don’t eat it every day or anything, but I do enjoy a Big Mac from time to time.

Let’s enjoy some funny tweets about the world’s most famous fast food chain.

1. Speaking your language.

2. You’re doing your best.

3. I need to know about your burgers.

4. That’s not good…

5. What does that say?

6. Yeah, I can’t believe it.

7. He’s a fan.

8. Sounds pretty good to me.

9. I’ll get here when I get here.

10. Might need some Tums.

11. You’re amongst friends.

12. That’s even better!

13. Clearly a high roller.

14. Maybe next time, too.

15. A business transaction.

Now that you’ve laughed at McDonald’s, you know you want to go have some greasy, salty food.

And yes, their ice cream machine will be broken.