These 15 People Were Hell-Bent on Revenge

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Revenge is sweet…if it’s done correctly.

And these people definitely did not mess it up.

A word to the wise: don’t get on their bad side, or you might feel the wrath.

1. Petty, but effective.

2. Wow, that’s intense.

3. Did you enjoy it?

drink up!!

4. Pay that rent in ONES.

5. Just for you!

Asshole parking from funny

6. Instagram pics = Ruined.

7. That’s pretty brutal.

8. No respect from this one.

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Sometimes you just have to stick it to the man #pettyrevenge

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9. That is epic!

10. That’ll show her.

11. Are you looking for a free monkey?

12. Hey, Tom…

13. That looks permanent.

14. Good use of a zip tie.

A Comeuppance Dump

15. Enjoy that, friend.

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Let’s see who’s the most diabolical person out there!