There’s a fine line between being lazy and being brilliant. And the sometimes the two categories overlap, and you get folks like these.

Let’s all give them a huge round of applause.

1. Do the bare minimum.

This guy wasn’t about to let 13 inches of snow or laziness stop him from getting to work on time.
by inIdiotsInCars

2. That, sir, is impressive.

3. This guy just won life.

Lazy Dump

4. A “fancy” dinner indeed

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5. Wrap the plate so you don’t have to wash it.

I may have crossed the line between “lifehack” and “lazy”…
by inpics

6. Nice move, buddy.

by inlifehacks

7. A tube straight to the bottom.

You called them Lazy. I called them creative

8. Helping her swing from very far away.

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Hey, it works, right?

When you don’t want to buy a smaller pan for just 1 recipe
byu/mario61752 inlifehacks

10. Lazy fetch it is.

Too hot to play fetch outside, so how about a game of lazy fetch inside?
byu/mac_is_crack inaww

11. That’s called “winning.”

My Girlfriend came up with a crazy good Microwave Lifehack for Multiple Plates! Heats up evenly!
byu/TheTrollinator777 inlifehacks

12. Never seen that one before.

The hack of all hacks
byu/eran- inlifehacks

13. Future Nobel Prize winner here.

Photo Credit: Imgur

14. I’m sold on this one.

Photo Credit: Imgur

15. Do you know what you’re sitting on?

Photo Credit: Imgur

Impressive, yes?

Share some of your lazy/brilliant moments in the comments!