Guys…can we have a little talk? Some of you are making the rest of us look bad because you have no idea how periods work, and you kind of look like morons.

Fellas, let’s try to do a little better, okay? Go read up on this subject so you don’t embarrass yourselves any further.

Here are 10 prime examples of what I’m talking about.

1. The answer is “no.”

2. What is this thing?

3. No need to be shy.

4. How about spearmint?

5. He seems like a brilliant guy.

6. This old classic.

7. Wow. That is really something.

8. Not quite, Cody

9. Solid advice

10. “I’m not seeing it in here…”

Ladies (or maybe even some of the fellas out there), have you had any embarrassing/infuriating/annoying interactions with people about period knowledge?

Tell us all about it in the comments! We could use some more laughs!