I think it’s about time that I went ahead and said it: I’m an introvert and that’s just the way it is. I like to go out once in a while, but sometimes I’ll spend a couple of weeks inside my house, just working and avoiding the rest of the world.

Are you like this at all?

If so, these tweets will look very familiar.

1. I think you might be mistaken.

2. Yes. Yes I am.

3. Don’t analyze it.

4. Here comes the panic.

5. Might take a while…

6. Nah, I’ll pass.

7. Let’s be honest.

8. Over and over and over.

9. Out of excuses.

10. I like this platform.

11. Gotta mix it up.

12. Hibernation time.

13. Thank you for this gift.

14. A lot of work went into this.

15. Yeah…not gonna happen…

Are you an introvert? Does the thought of heading out into public sometimes give the willies?

Tell us about it in the comments!