Are You Single? Then These Tweets Will Make You Laugh…And Cry.

(C)Unsplash,Eye for Ebony


Being single has a lot of pros and cons. And everyone is different, so, as the saying goes, whatever floats your boat.

But sometimes singledom can be so downright depressing you want to shed a single, solitary tear for yourself as you stare into the mirror before going to sleep at night. Sorry, that was probably too much information from me…

If you’re single, prepare to go through a whole range of emotions as you read these tweets.

1. Sounds like a plan!

2. That’s not cool.

3. Maybe that’s why?

4. Never give up hope.

5. That’s really bad.

6. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

7. Dammit! Sounded promising for a minute.

8. Boom! Rejected!

9. A real stud we got here.

10. Yeah…never mind…

11. That could be the reason.

12. …But they all keep swimming away.

13. Don’t touch!

14. Might as well give it a shot.

15. Oh, boy. Here we go again.

Are you single?

If so, are you ready to mingle or are you trying to stay all by your lonesome for the time being?

Let us know in the comments!