These People Are All Having Really Bad Days

(C)Flickr,William Franklin


You’ve been in this position before. Your day goes from bad to worse and you feel like you’re at your breaking point.

I call it being “on the edge”…and honestly, it happens quite a bit.

But these people are having REALLY bad days…let’s laugh at these pics and then we can feel sorry for them.

1. Congratula-…oh wait…

2. There goes your credit card.

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3. Don’t wear that out in public.

4. A very lonely bag.

5. You need to keep an eye on that grill, buddy.

6. A little help, please?

7. It’s all air in there.

8. Can I have my bike back?

9. The Roomba is gone. Forever.

10. A total disaster.

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11. Goodbye, old friend…

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12. Don’t pick a fight with a porcupine.

13. Not a good place to park overnight.

14. Left the dog alone for too long…

15. That’s not very nice.

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Do you have any photos that sum up a pretty sh*tty day you’ve had lately?

Share them and let’s commiserate in the comments!