You’ve been in this position before. Your day goes from bad to worse and you feel like you’re at your breaking point.

I call it being “on the edge”…and honestly, it happens quite a bit.

But these people are having REALLY bad days…let’s laugh at these pics and then we can feel sorry for them.

1. Congratula-…oh wait…

2. There goes your credit card.

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3. Don’t wear that out in public.

4. A very lonely bag.

5. You need to keep an eye on that grill, buddy.

6. A little help, please?

7. It’s all air in there.

8. Can I have my bike back?

9. The Roomba is gone. Forever.

10. A total disaster.

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11. Goodbye, old friend…

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12. Don’t pick a fight with a porcupine.

13. Not a good place to park overnight.

14. Left the dog alone for too long…

15. That’s not very nice.

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Do you have any photos that sum up a pretty sh*tty day you’ve had lately?

Share them and let’s commiserate in the comments!