How do you spend your spare time? I’ll tell you how I spend mine: looking at dog videos and dog pictures.

Am I alone in this endeavor? I don’t think so.

Here are 15 photos of silly/funny/hilarious/goofy dogs that should turn your frown upside down.


1. Too cool for school.

2. Best costume ever?

3. All dolled up.

4. I’m thinking this is an Ewok…

5. Care for a hot dog?

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Izzy: living that lazy hot dog life. ? #Halloween

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6. Hello out there!

7. Had a few too many drinks.

8. All tuckered out from reading literature.

9. Finally got a toupee.

10. Harley Quinn FTW.

11. Extreme close up.

12. Tongue flappin’ in the wind.

13. A Star Wars fanatic.

14. Gee, thanks for the present!

15. In need of a cerveza.

Let’s not beat around the bush: you and I both know that you have hilarious photos of your furry friends.

Share them in the comments, por favor!