Starbucks is good at a lot of things, but getting people’s names right is NOT one of them.

They constantly mess them up, but hey, we can overlook that because the drinks sure are tasty, aren’t they?

But we’re still going laugh at these mistakes.

Let’s do it!

1. Like a genie in a bottle.

2. That was a nice try.

3. Not sure what happened here…

4. C’mon, you messed that up?!?!

5. Wow. Impressive.

6. That’s not nice.

7. Like an airline pilot?

8. Hahaha, not even close.

9. Hmmmmm…no.

10. That is outrageous.

11. Hanida in the house!

12. That’s interesting.

13. Kind of like the Mad Hadder?

14. That is very creative.

15. Bye, Felicia…

Has this ever happened to you? If so, share a screenshot in the comments so we can laugh together!