Now that almost every single person on the planet has a camera on their phone, folks out there are taking heaps and heaps of photos of their pets…and not all of them are totally flattering.

But that’s okay! Because it makes for good comedy when we happen to snap a pic of our pet and it doesn’t capture them in the best light.

Are you ready to see some prime examples of this?

Let’s take a look!

1. Here’s the tweet that got it started.

Hahahaha. Wow.

2. Blackmail material.

You might need it. You never know…

3. Extreme close-up.

Gettin’ all up in his mug.

4. Lookin’ all kinds of derpy.

She’s down for the count.

5. Where am I…?

Don’t ask me, friend.

6. Let it all hang out.

Livin’ his best life!

7. A shot in motion.

Not the best pic of all time.

8. Are you comfortable?

You look like great!

9. This cat is a hot mess.

Slow down and take it easy!

10. You doing okay?

You seem a little bit…off…

11. What did you get into this time?

Always causing a ruckus!

12. Bored out of her mind.

And totally over it…

We love it!

And we want more!

In the comments, please share some photos of your pets with us!

We’d love to meet them!