Oh, those darn cats!

They really do get me every single time with their cuteness and their unpredictability. You never really know what you’re gonna get with them, do you?

You think they’re gonna be calm, they go crazy.

You think they’re gonna be insane, they sleep the whole day away.

They’re total lunatics! But…we still love them and they bring a lot of joy into our lives…most of the time.

Enjoy these funny cat posts and give your kitties some scratches behind the ears for us!

1. There’s NEVER too much cuddle.

Keep it coming!

Is it too much cuddle? from aww

2. No boundaries and zero shame.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

This is our cat Charlotte. She is not familiar with boundaries, and has exactly zero shame. from AnimalsBeingJerks

3. We need to have a serious talk.

Sit down…let’s begin…

My cats don’t like that I go to work so early in the morning now (healthcare) so they apparently staged an intervention from aww

4. They need a good night’s sleep.

You have a big day tomorrow!

5. Well, this is nice!

You don’t see that every day!

A friend of mine has bathroom art for their cat from aww

6. That’s kind of terrifying.

Don’t cross this cat…no matter what.

7. Why did you have to ruin it?!?!

Well, time to start over…

And it was going so well… from AnimalsBeingDerps

8. I love this!

And I’m pretty sure that he does, too!

9. I’m in charge here.

And don’t forget it!

Mosque security on patrol from aww

10. This is totally NOT cool.

You will never be forgiven for this.

What have you done human? from funny

11. This was not an accident.

This is the TRUTH.

12. You asked for it.

And now you’re gonna get it!

You press the beans, you get the means from aww

13. What’s going on out there?

They’re always curious, aren’t they?

Cats trying to see over the bush outside.. from aww

Do you have any cats at home?

Well, don’t keep them all to yourself! Share some photos with us in the comments!

We’d love to meet them! Please and thank you.